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WALHI Rejects Bali International Park Development

WALHI Rejects Bali International Park Development

Posted by Administrator (a6smile) on Jun 25 2012
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The Bali Forum for Environment (WALHI) has rejected the development plans for Bali International Park. The park is going to be built by the central government in time for the meeting of the economic cooperation forum of Asia-Pacific APEC in 2013.

WALHI Bali Regional Council Chairman Wayan “Gendo” Suardana said during the hearing with Bali’s House of Representatives in Denpasar on Monday that 250 hectares set aside for park development is against the spatial plan for the Bali province. Furthermore, it’s a reflection of intervention by the central government, not to mention the monument for peace that is going to be added within the international park conflicts with the policy of a moratorium on development in South Bali.

“This development plan shows the inconsistency of the ministry of culture and tourism because it has in excess of 9800 rooms,” stressed Gendo. Berita Bali reported that Gendo also hopes parliament will investigate the direct appointment of PT Jimbaran Green for Bali International Park development by the president.

Meanwhile, Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika on Tuesday called for public support for a planned $300 million convention center according to the Jakarta Globe.

“We should be thankful for this honor,” Pastika said. “An opportunity like this comes to Indonesia only once every few decades, so it should be a point of national pride.”

He added that the Bali International Park project was backed by both presidential and ministerial decrees and would proceed regardless of any objections.

“Everything’s on track but there’s always going to be some naysayers,” he said.



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